Pocket Sprung or Foam Mattresses?

Pros and Cons.  What should you choose?

Foam Mattresses tend to be cheaper and lighter and are normally fine for short breaks and for light / small people or children.

Heavier people should opt for a deeper and firmer mattress to avoid pressure points on the mattress base.

Ladies and Gents with more prominent hips and/or shoulders should also opt for a deeper mattress.

Children and lighter people are normally fine on thinner and softer mattresses.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Undoubtedly better for prolonged use and increased comfort and those with bad backs.

These are then covered with a range of thinner layer of foam to ensure a super comfortable finish with the desired soft/firmness.

Pocket springs will help individuals with bad backs.  They are however heavier than foam mattresses.

A multitude of individual springs are individually wrapped in their own pockets to allow tailored comfort to your shape and weight around the bed. Only the area that has weight on it will give ensuring the contours fit your body and sleeping position.