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Toppers for your mattress make a real difference even if only 1 or 2” deep

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DRY-Mat® Stops Condensation Under Mattresses ALSO Improves Comfort DRY-Mat Mattress Toppers All Bedding




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Custom Made To Measure Mattresses and Bedding


Why do we Need Ventilation Under a Mattress?
All people perspire when they sleep.  You will be aware of this when you wake up from a dream or from the condensation in the bedroom in the morning.

FACT: The average man loses up to 2lb of moisture during the night, some from respiration and the rest from perspiration.

All this perspiration leaves the body as humidity and will condense on the first cool surface that it finds.  From the top of your body this tends to be on windows and cool outside surfaces.  From under you, this tends to migrate through the mattresses and condense on the wood or fibreglass below you.

Condensation on windows will quickly evaporate in the morning from doors opening and closing, allowing ventilation.
The problem is that there is no ventilation under mattresses and no moving air between the bed base and the mattresses leaving the damp trapped there.  Mildew and a damp musty smell soon forms making the bed less pleasant to sleep on and devaluing your investment.


How DRY-Mat Works

DRY-Mat Anti-Condensation Layer


DRY-Mat is the easiest and most effective way to prevent the build-up of condensation and damp, musty smells.

It is quick and easy to fit, cost effective and long lasting.

The area between your mattress and the solid base of your bed is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould. There is no air flow here which causes the build-up of condensation and leads to musty smells and a less than fresh bed!

By simply placing DRY-Mat underneath your mattress you allow the air to flow freely – letting your mattress breathe.  

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How DRY-Mat Resolves This
DRY-Mat is made up of thousands of individual micro springs that allow air to circulate between your mattress and bed base.

This air warms up as you sleep on the bed, reducing condensation in the first place and each time you roll over, this compresses the springs which moves the air under the mattress, drying the bed base.

Advantages Over Slats

Quick & Easy To Fit

This is one of those rare five minute jobs that actually takes only five minutes to do!

Easily cut the DRY-Mat to shape using normal, household scissors and place under your mattress. The edges do not fray and there is no need to fix the DRY-Mat in place.

Off-cuts can be joined together and used for smaller areas such as seat cushions, avoiding excess wastage.

DRY-Mat will last a lifetime. Unlike cheaper alternatives, it doesn’t degrade or lose structure over time so won’t need replacing year after year.

It can be machine washed at 60degrees.